Our Sales Services


We now offer several

Direct Contact Business Development Services

These Services Include: 

  • Carefully targeting specific groups of projects or prospects, (our specialty)
  • Setting up a database of these targeted accounts
  • Cold Call telephone contacting and screening them
  • Intelligently discussing your products or services
  • Using your web site in presentations
  • Email follow-ups with your basic information
  • Making and confirming specific sales appointments for your sales team,
  • Obtaining specific plan and bid date data to assure your opportunity to bid
  • Obtaining access to plans for your estimators
  • Coordinating bidding or specifications with your estimators
  • If requested, making follow-up contacts until the quote, bid, or sale is completed

The First Sales Goal:   

  • Generating specific sales appointments, for your staff, and follow ups OR 
  • Getting plans and bid specs and dates, and following-up and  coordinating bid specs and bids with your estimators for you

The Second Sales Goal: 

  • Generating a Pipeline of future new business for your company

To Help Accomplish This:

We Will Set Up and Use Some or All of These Sales Tools: 

  • Set up your accounts list, a database of info on your targeted new accounts (Excel, and Outlook formats) (You will receive monthly reports)
  • Set up telephone contact-control-reporting system (Outlook/ Excel formats)
  • Set up, and generate blank form email sales letters for your continuing email sales campaign)

We may also:

  • Set up, and generate display advertisements and automations like SMS Text and Email campaigns.(Expedite distribution of your sales message to the construction buyers who receive our magazine)
  • Recommend that you build a web site (if you do not have one now, we will for sure) or enhance your current site. (WEB work would be priced separately)
  • Set up mail-merge for generating sales letters (Use Outlook, for letters, #10 envelops, and mail labels)
  • Set up, and generate blank form sales letters (For use with Outlook for continuing sales letter campaign)

Companies Have Different Sales Requirements:

Every company is unique, so each of our Direct Contact Business Development Services packages are tailored to your company’s specific needs.

To accomplish this, we will need to know the flow of obtaining a sale using your current system from first contact to final order. We need to know who, what, when and how you do it.

We do not need to (or want to) re-invent your (sales) wheel so we clone and scale what is already successful for you.

We will take the time to know what you are doing and see if we can fit in, and help to increase your sales. If we can’t, we will let you know (up front) that what we can offer probably won’t improve your sales volume enough to proceed.

Mostly we find that our clients are not cold calling and warm call following-up on quality prospects. So, for starters, we can help with that.

Secondly, many are not aware of all of the projects that are available to them.

And we can help with that.

Selecting Your Prospects:

You will need to select the account types (architects, engineers, general contractors, specialty contractors, developers, etc.) or project types (commercial, SFD residential, multi-family apartments-condos, TI remodels, government, education, etc.) and the size and location of projects that you want us to target for your sales.

You can supply all or any part of the information on these accounts from your records, or they can come from our database of early new projects leads, or builders. In some cases we target all of several project types, in others the top projects of a certain type, or builders, architects, or engineers, etc.

We Will Make Multiple Contacts On Your Selected Prospects:

We will contact each of these prospective accounts in multiple ways with multiple contacts. Dependent on our agreement, we will use a combination of contact types but we always start with direct telephone sales calls. The calls can be followed-up (interspersed with) direct sales emails, or direct snail mail sales letters or post cards, or sales display ad messages.

Sales Campaign Periods and pricing:

Every service agreement is customized to fit each client’s requirements.

After we have met, and you have completed our sales tools set up questionnaire, and we have analyzed your requirements, we will set a minimum time period for our Direct Contact Business Development Services Sales Campaign and set its pricing.

Your Options At The End Of The Initial Period:

  • You can extend all or parts of your sales lead generating campaign for a mutually agreeable time period,
  • We will transfer all of the sales tools we set up for you, to you, for use in your sales-marketing system.

Evaluating Our Option:

You should compare the cost of our sales services and tools, with the cost of hiring an average sales assistant.

Then compare the effectiveness of our services and tools with that sales assistant.

Consider that we will:

  • Directly contact more new prospects, more times, in more ways, for you than any of your assistants or salespersons ever have.
  • Set more appointments for you than any of your staff have ever set.
  • Generate a pipeline, for you that will feed sales to you, for a long as you feed it
  • Install a complete set of solid sales tools for you that your company can use indefinitely.

And, we will do this for less than you pay a sales assistant, and with no HR hassles.

Services Agreement Package:

This information outlines the scope of our Direct Contact Business Development Services

Should you choose to proceed, we will need to ask you (and/or your staff) a series of questions (our sales tools set up questionnaire) related to your current sales and marketing status and efforts. The questionnaire can be completed over the phone.  We will furnish you with a copy of the questions so that you can be prepared with appropriate answers.

After that we will prepare a formal proposal-agreement for our services.

Please let us know how we can help you with additional information, or details.

For more information: