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Advertisers in New Project News magazine

Enjoy Several Valuable Advantages

The First Advantage: COVERAGE

New Project News magazine exclusively targets its deliveries and coverage to this state’s construction community. Our coverage includes deliveries to:

  • Residential SFD & Multi-Family builders
  • Commercial Builders
  • Remodelers
  • Sub-Contractors of all types
  • Land Developers

The Second Advantage: EXPOSURE

Your Ad Message Will Be Seen

  • We are positive that your ad will be seen. Here is why.
  • 100% of our editorial content is current early new project information.
  • Builders are keenly interested in reading our reports, and almost all do.

Please review some of our readers’ comments  click here

  • We intentionally layout our magazine to make sure there is new project data on every page set. This information is streamed through every page set of the magazine.
  • It is impossible to read the new project information we publish, (and it is read) without being fully exposed to each ad.
  • Take a second look at any issue of our magazine and you will see how this works.

The Third Advantage: ADVERTISING VALUE

You Will Get the Best Ad Rates: (By Far)

  • Our basic ad rates, (ad size for ad size,) are below those of all other construction publications that cover Washington State.BUT OUR COVERAGE IS MUCH GREATER
  • When comparing coverage, each of the competition delivers to between 2,000 and 4,000 of the builders in Washington State. We deliver to 2 to 4 times as many potential buyers for lesser cost.
  • Our cost per contractor contact (eye) for a quarter-page full-color ad in New Project News magazine is about two cents per contact for a quarter page ad.

The Fourth Advantage: ADDED VALUE

You Will Get Four Added Bonuses:

You will also receive:

  • New Construction Projects Leads Report our twice monthly leads report. To review a past report, click in the report in the lower right hand panel
  • A copy of our GC Database: you will get basic information on this area’s General Contractors.To review a sample of the database  click here
  • Free ad art work. (With a huge plus). You can also change ad copy at will. Since we make up a large percentage of the ads in each issue, please refer to any issue for samples of our ad artwork.
  • Access to the use of our builder’s email contact list. The list is made available to annual advertisers for selected marketing of your product or service to the Washington State construction community.There is a small extra charge for setting up and running each emailing.

Ad Specifications

 Ad Sizes:

  • Full Page:
    Copy Area 7.25 in wide x 9.60 in high
    Actual Area 8.00 in wide x 10.5 in high
    Bleed Area 8.50 in wide x 11.0 in high
  • Quarter Page:
    Vertical: 3.56 in wide x 4.74 in high
    Vertical:1.78 in wide x 9.60 in high
    Horizontal: 7.25 in wide x 2.37 in high
  • Half Page:
    Vertical: 3.56 in wide x 9.60 in high
    Horizontal: 7.25 in wide x 4.74 in high
  • Eighth Page:
    Vertical: 1.78 in wide x 4.74 in high
    Horizontal: 3.56 in wide x 2.37 in high

Ad run rates are the same for any configuration (vertical or horizontal) in any size.

Request quotes on other ad sizes, and various run frequencies.


  • We set up each issue the last few days of the month. (Prior to publication month)
  • If we build your ad, we need all copy, art, by the 2nd Friday of the month. (prior to the publication month)
  • If you supply the ad, we need your ad file by the 2nd Friday of the month. (prior to the publication month)

Free Ad Artwork, Creative, and Layout Help: 

  • We will do your ad layout and graphics AT NO CHARGE. Let us know if you need our help.
  • We do not compose logos, or take photographs.


Files up to 10 MB are accepted via email or you can use CDR or Zip files, formatted for PC. Files may be presented in: InDesign, Photoshop, TIF, or PDF. Fonts must be included or imbedded (preferred).

All, except full-page ads, must include a border, so as to not “flow” into our new project information.

Transmitting Files:

Our Payment Terms Include: No deposit, or advance payment is required. We invoice monthly.

  • Invoices are mailed with a copy of the ad that you are being billed for.
  • A copy of the ad can be verified on-line in that months magazine.
  • Payment terms are: Net on Invoice.

For Advertising Rates and our current Rate Card