Our Leads Report


New Construction Projects Leads Report (NCPLR) contains the most complete listing of new and proposed construction projects in Washington State.

We provide key data and Contact Information on each of these projects to give you the best intel for your prospecting.

Thanks for visiting New Project News at the time of our Re-Launch. Feel free to visit our Testimonials page – Here is my own: I loved the product so much I bought the business!
I subscribed to New Project News for over 10 years and made great use of this amazing prospecting tool Dave built.
After Dave’s passing I contacted his wife to give my condolences. I was surprised when she urged me to take over the business. I deliberated for a while…but finally did it!
With the help of Dave’s family and the prior employees, we have compiled our first report and are re-launching this month, one year exactly from Dave’s final Report last August.
For now we’re keeping his previous pricing for the Monthly Report, which hadn’t changed in years: $74/month or $750/annual.
I think Dave would have liked that idea.
Love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to email for mor information. Meantime:

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