About New Project News Magazine:

New Project News is a monthly, “all news” format construction trades publication
We provide key early new project information in an easy to read narrative format.

100% of our editorial content is Washington State construction projects leads data.

Our magazine is delivered each month to Washington State’s General Contractors, Subs, and suppliers. 75% are located in the greater Puget Sound Basin.

New Project News offers readers a very early look at this area’s new projects.
We start tracking projects at their EIS (Environmental Impact) SEPA (State Environment Protection Act) application stage. For major projects, this is most often years before permitting. As the project progresses, we report on all significant changes in project status including hearings, notices and results. We continue our reporting through EIS approvals, and report the final permitting process.

We stop tracking and reporting on a project when it receives a building permit.

Project types we track include Commercial, Mixed-Use, and Residential.
(We do not track heavy construction)

  • Commercial project types include: Apartments, Civic-Community, Condos, Educational, Government, Hotels, Industrial, Medical, Office, Religious, and Retail.
  • Mixed-Use project types include: Any project containing a mixture of Residential and Commercial or Retail uses in the single structure development.
  • Residential project types include: SFD Home Subdivisions, Apartments and Condos

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New Project News
Telephone: 425-492-0973
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